Episode #1: Healing Power of Beer

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We start our podcast with scientifically proven fact: beer is a painkiller! Also, we talk about new Star Wars, old Facebook and the power of programming.

Little Martin and Big Peter

International podcast about liberty and nonsense.

  • Lukszmar
    6 lat temu

    So this episode is the first official episode of the Brain Enema... I must say it was ok but not ground breaking. I think the best ones so far are: "War, guns and alcohol", "How to turn a kid alkoholic" and "Nazi dog".

    And about the new Star Wars, I am not as critic about it as Martin. Still the new films are not so good in my opinion. For example the main problems with the newest episode called The Last Jedi are:
    -to shallow,
    -to fast,
    -full of action and not as much deeper thoughts,
    -too artificial,
    -inconsequence’s positive,
    -the plot from previous episodes is reused,
    -old heroes are just used to show their deaths and to give place to new generation,
    -made for money and present generation mostly,
    -no more SW magic.

  • Martin
    6 lat temu

    Hey, thanks.
    I think so too!

  • stach
    6 lat temu

    Fajny odcinek. Naprawdę dobrze się was słucha ;)

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