Episode #14: Lauren Southern's Case

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Lauren Southern has recently been banned from entering UK. Her event when she irritated Muslim community in Luton was too much to handle. What to think about it all? Is it freedom of speech case or just needless aggression? We have a heated discussion about that!

Little Martin and Big Peter

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  • Lukszmar
    4 lata temu

    Very good and interesting discussion in this episode. In general I agree more with Martin. I belive Lauren was mainly trying to start discussion and see people reactions. Not to provoke open fights and piss off people. Still it happend... But this is more their problem not Lauren's (she did not try to offend them personaly just Allah).So we are again speaking about intensions and actions.

    And no Martin you are not allowed to make jokes about Allah ;-).

  • Jewptylianin
    4 lata temu

    If you like those free speech incidents you might want to look into Jordan Peterson case ;>
    But for me this topic is just too heavy, all this blatant hypocrisy, all this infuriating stuff, and the fact that it's pretty much mainstream, i cant take it, i'm out, have a good day.

  • Martin
    4 lata temu

    Here's how Lauren describes the situation:


    Well, I don't see an aggressive, hateful extremist here. Do you?

  • stach
    4 lata temu

    Najwiekszym bledem LS bylo nie pozwolenie policji na aresztowanie jej.

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