Episode #9: Freedom of F

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Courts in Austria define freedom of expression: citizens gain right to Insult a politician any way they like! Is it the attempt to restore freedom of speech in Europe or is it some misunderstanding?

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  • Jewptylianin
    4 lata temu

    This was so infuriating, god damn, fuck me! Maybe its a good thing get angry once in a while. Anyway i really dont understand you Martin and this obsession about words that obviously can hurt. I do understand exactly that - words can hurt, but why would you want it regulated by the same people you constantly make fun of or being utterly stupid or maybe even worse? How can you merge those two completely opposed views? To me giving those people even an ounce more power that its absolutely necessary to not get invaded by even worse ones is just absurd. And i know, there are judges who will look at every case closely and judge wise, like Salomon did. Yeah, right, surely they will.
    I thought you wanted abusing banned, and i agree. Making someone kill himself is evil. But also its so far away from casual "fuck you". Would you arrest for slap on the cheek? I dont think so, but we both would be for punishing people for beating someone up. There is a difference. We can deal as a society with people slapping each other, and saying fuck you just fine without goverment. Just as we can deal with distribution of food, crucial thing to our survival, but i say we dont really need goverment to do that for us.
    I think we're still simmilar in one thing, we both dont want abuse being tolerated. I'm just worried about goverments abusing more.
    I hope it's understandable, and i didn't cross any line i shouldn't cross. Btw, good podcast i guess ;>

  • Lukszmar
    4 lata temu

    Politicians are real people... Are you sure Martin... Because I have some doubts ;-P

    In general I must agree here with Martin - freedom of speech should not be use for aggression and intimidation. You cannot say anything what come into your mind about a person. Even about a politician. Because verbal violence can be as hurtful as physical or even more. And intentions are important and what Martin proposes is probably the best possible solution - courts should look on each case individually.

    And I believe each person has a limit of insults etc which he can take - even you Peter.

    And yes, this solution is actually being introduced in present world courts. There are errors but still it works.

    This episode was not so funny, but very interesting :-).

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