Donald Trump, Chill Out

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Donald Trump asked why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here. We have the answer!

Little Martin and Big Peter

International podcast about liberty and nonsense.

  • Lukszmar
    6 lat temu

    I think we should officially ask Donald Trump for the list of "****hole countries". Then there will be no doubts about Poland :P.

    And about the new coming people to the USA (as well as citizens) I am afraid that majority is more interested in peace and social benefits rather then freedom itself...

    I really enjoy this podcast guys :-D.

    And congratulations on having good sex guys ;-). Perhaps with babies comming soon :-P.

    And programming is interesting because you can actually quickly make something on your own that works. Even a simple program saying "hello world!" for the first time made by you is very satisfying experience – you made it and it work! And you can make so much more... And webpage programming is programming Martin in html and css as well as javascript.

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