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BREAKING NEWS! Punks and hipsters inspired wide-spread usage of contraception. You do not wish to bear such a child! Join us! Be childrenless. Be Punkless. We really are gratefull to all the punks and trashbag culture millennials for helping thousands of would-be mothers in avoiding pain accociated with bearing a future criminal. muslims deemed dangerous to the state because of their reproductive prowess. More muslim families in your country means more punks destroying social properties in the future. Say NO! To muslim refugees. Our latest studies show. That in 2024 nearly half of the punk culture will be inhabitated by a new branch called "fasiq" of muslim punks. Bands like "Drink for Allach" or "Waste yourself then kill yourself" will gain a lot of traction. We must stop this widespread of punk culture right now! That's why you should teach your kids patriotism and xenophobia from the young age. Teach them that punks are a threat and must, by all means be eradicated from this world. We have prepared special plastic badges with a trashbag encircled in an anarchy symbol to diversify all the punks from rest of society Whenever you see a person wearing said badge. Dont Worry! Push them, spit at them, kick them. Goverment will not come to their rescue And if by any means they sue you. Again. Dont Worry! We will just tell them, that they got drank and beaten up in a concert You are 100% free to treat them like lesser human beigns that they are That would be all on Daily News "Next on the News! Will Zuckenberg pass Turing Test?


Takie tam wypociny człowieka, krótkie opowiastki lub wiersze o tym, co mi się nie podoba, lub po prostu opowieści fantastyczne. Zapraszam do komentarzy i opinii.

  • Xeno
    3 lata temu

    To jest oczywiście komedia. Mam przyjeciela Punk'a i mówił że go to bolało, ale fajna histeryjka. Więc hej! Dystans. Czasem dla zabawy z kolegami robimy takie artykuliki przedstawiające FEJK NIUSY promujące xenophobie, rasizm lub inną paranoje... Szkoda że czasem nasze fejkowe niusy są lżejsze niż te prawdziwe...

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