Wars, guns and alcohol

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In Las Vegas - the deadliest shooting so far. In Catalonia - war for independence is brewing. In Poland - ban on alcohol closer and closer! And at the end of the podcast, you will meet a listener with a beautiful British accent.

Little Martin and Big Peter

International podcast about liberty and nonsense.

  • stach
    5 lat temu

    There's about 10 mln people in Vegas including tourists. 500 people for 10 mln is 50 for 100 thousands. Cars need about two years to do that, so there's no reason to panic.

  • Lukszmar
    5 lat temu

    Oh I see Martin you were moved by my email :). And you partialy made this audtition about this new idiotic law that's coming in Poland. And you described perfectly how politicians in Poland think (or at least those who are currently in power). No freedom for anyone including normal citizentz that can drink culturally :(.

    Civil war... I doubt it. Rather some giant riots. And yes, EU somehow doesn’t support the people that are being bit down in Catalonia right now. They support the government. Why? Maybe they see it as democracy… Because this government was actually elected by majority of citizens (or at least majority voters). And perhaps majority of citizens of Spain believe that Catalonia should stain within the borders of Spain. But the majority of Spain citizen don't live in Catalonia! So I guess this type of thinking is actually not democratic after all. And to put simply, EU support only some groups of interests that it sees appropriate. Or maybe they are just afraid that Catalonia will leave EU and Spain as well if EU will support Catalonia claims for independence. I would bet on that explanation - politics.

    I also support Catalonia claims for independence and freedom :).

    Perhaps you are right about authomatic guns like M16 Martin. Perhaps they should be banned because they are usful only in extrem cases that happend very rarely. And that can be used easily by fanatics that can kill a lot of people. Moreover, I also think that having one or two firearms in your posession in enough. Why to buy more... This seems fanatic. Although, police should have authomatic guns I mean SWAT teams and simillar.

    No, we cannot guarantee for 100% that there will be no killing during mass events - this is impossible.

    Yes, we can be killed every day for example we can be hit by a car.

    I am not so sure about this much less stupidity Martin, if we would know the day we die :P.

    Great to hear that your game is moving forward Martin! :)

    Only 2 episodes of brain enema... Oh man that was fast :P.

    Lol, Martin you I hope you are not making some MMORPG now xD.

    I also think the caller has a great accent. Moreover, the speaker seems more english than polish...

    This program was ok but still a bit stiff (especially at the beginning) in comparison to other you made in polish language Martin.

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