Episode #2: Boring as Christmas

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Boring as Christmas and stupid as Bitcoin. Also, we talk about investing, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and enema. What hole in your body is your favorite?

Little Martin and Big Peter

International podcast about liberty and nonsense.

  • Lukszmar
    5 lat temu

    Yeah Christmas are boring as well as annoying and depressing.

    I don't play on the stock markets nor do I speculate about
    bitcoin price. It's too unsure for me and it's not totally moral. Like you said
    it's making money on other humans "bad luck". Furthermore, it actually destabilizes the
    bitcoin making it less useful as normal currency. But people just want to make
    quick and easy money not thinking about consequences or morality...

    Martin, please remember that even if someone is doing a useless job for society (in
    general), he can still spend the money which he makes for something not useless.
    So all in all, perhaps he has not useless life and empty (at least not totaly).

    Ok Martin, but some people can't be happy in unclean apartments during Christmas. Because they just
    can’t look at mess. I know this sounds stupid but this is an actual problem. And perhaps these people should heal themselves or go to doctor...

    Great podcast guys!

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