Episode #13: Are You Free to Work?

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Can you get arrested for working? Of course you can. Especially in France.

Little Martin and Big Peter

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  • Martin
    5 lat temu

    I know.
    That's my problem with MeWe also.
    I don't really know how to kill Facebook. :-(

  • Lukszmar
    5 lat temu

    Ellon Musk has: great PR people, his charismatic, he has great connections apparently (politicians, movie stars and so on) and he does some cool stuff (he took a Tesla car into Earth’s orbit). So, a lot of people see him now as super visionary who will flight them to Mars in next years...

    No I didn't delete my facebook account. But I use it mainly as a good communicator similar to Skype just to see what my friends think, read and watch (3 years ago I didn’t have a facebook account and I was still alive :-)). And I also tried to switch to MeWe with Martin sometime ago. But nobody followed me there from my friends. Summarizing, I could delete my account on facebook quite easily but it is convenient to have it and to use it just for chat or to post some photos.

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